To request a certificate containing one or more wildcard domains and one or more common domains, follow these steps: For more information about domain types, see How to enter domains to be added to a certificate.
  1. This function supports only OV SSL Professional certificates.
  2. Identify the domains, including how many common domains and how many wildcard domains, to be added to the certificate. At least one common domain is required for this certificate.

    For more information about how a wildcard works for domains, see What domains are supported by an “all-subdomains” wildcard certificate.

    Make sure to purchase certificates of the same brand (and with the same validity, for example, one year). Otherwise, they cannot be merged.


Here, an Entrust OV SSL Professional certificate for two wildcard domains and three common domains is used as an example.
  1. Purchase two wildcard certificates and one multi-domain certificate (Select 3 for the number of domains).  Make sure that the total number of domains specified in the orders is the same as that of the domains to be added to the certificate.
  2. After the purchase is complete, do not perform any action on the orders.
  3. Submit a ticket as follows:
    • Ticket title: Merge a certificate for multiple domains.
    • Ticket details: Screenshots of the orders to be merged. Provide the domains to be merged. For example, the primary domain (which indicates that this certificate is issued to and additional domains,, *, *
    • Ticket type: urgent ticket.
  4. After the ticket is reviewed, only one of the merging orders is retained. The other orders are closed and cannot be opened. Click the editable order to add domains. The numbers of common and wildcard domains to be added are displayed next to the respective fields.
    The first domain must be a common domain.  For more information about domain types, see How to enter domains to be added to a certificate.

    Create the CSR file using the CSR generated by system function. Or, if you manually create the CSR file, enter the first domain in the domain list, (it must be a common domain) as the Common Name attribute of the CSR file. For more information about how to generate a CSR file, see How to generate a CSR file.

  5. Submit the required materials for review.
  6. Allow up to five business days for the CA to process your request, during which time they may attempt to contact you for additional operations.