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Last Updated: Apr 04, 2018

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ALIYUN::CS::App Create a Docker cluster-based application.
ALIYUN::CS::Cluster Create a Docker cluster.
ALIYUN::ECS::Disk Create a data disk.
ALIYUN::ECS::DiskAttachment Associate a data disk to the corresponding ECS instance.
ALIYUN::ECS::RegionQuery the available region list.
ALIYUN::ECS::EIPAssociation Bind an EIP to the corresponding ECS instance.
ALIYUN::ECS::Snapshot Create a disk snapshot.
ALIYUN::ECS::CustomImage Create a User-defined Image.
ALIYUN::ECS::Instance Create a single ECS instance.
ALIYUN::ECS::InstanceClone Create a single ECS instance by cloning an existing ECS instance.
ALIYUN::ECS::InstanceGroup Create multiple ECS instances.
ALIYUN::ECS::InstanceGroupClone Create multiple ECS instances by cloning an existing ECS instance.
ALIYUN::ECS::SecurityGroup Create a security group.
ALIYUN::ECS::SecurityGroupEgress Configure the traffic egress rule of a security group.
ALIYUN::ECS::SecurityGroupIngress Configure the traffic ingress rule of a security group.
ALIYUN::ECS::JoinSecurityGroup Add an ECS instance to a security group.
ALIYUN::ECS::SecurityGroupClone Clone a security group.
ALIYUN::ECS::SSHKeyPair Create an SSH key pair.
ALIYUN::ECS::SSHKeyPairAttachment Bind an SSH key pair to an ECS instance.
ALIYUN::ECS::NatGateway Create a VPC NAT gateway.
ALIYUN::ECS::BandwidthPackage Create a bandwidth package for the NAT gateway.
ALIYUN::ECS::ForwardEntry Configure the forwarding table of the NAT gateway.
ALIYUN::ECS::SNatEntry Configure the SNAT table of the NAT gateway.
ALIYUN::ECS::Route Configure the VPC route table.
ALIYUN::ECS::VSwitch Create a VSwitch in VPC.
ALIYUN::ESS::ScalingConfiguration Create scaling configurations.
ALIYUN::ESS::ScalingGroup Create a scaling group.
ALIYUN::ESS::ScalingGroupEnable Activate a scaling group.
ALIYUN::MEMCACHE::Instance Create an ApsaraDB for Memcache instance.
ALIYUN::MONGODB::Instance Create an ApsaraDB for MongoDB instance.
ALIYUN::MarketPlace::Order Buy marketplace resources.
ALIYUN::MarketPlace::Image Buy marketplace images.
ALIYUN::MarketPlace::ImageSubscription Subscribe to marketplace images.
ALIYUN::OSS::Bucket Create an OSS bucket instance.
ALIYUN::RAM::AccessKey Obtain the AccessKey of the specified user.
ALIYUN::RAM::Group Create a RAM group.
ALIYUN::RAM::ManagedPolicy Create a RAM policy.
ALIYUN::RAM::Role Create a RAM role.
ALIYUN::RAM::User Create a RAM subaccount.
ALIYUN::RAM::UserToGroupAddition Add a subaccount to the RAM group.
ALIYUN::RDS::DBInstance Create an ApsaraDB for RDS instance.
ALIYUN::RDS::DBInstanceParameterGroup Modify the parameters of an ApsaraDB for RDS instance.
ALIYUN::RDS::DBInstanceSecurityIps Configure the white list of an ApsaraDB for RDS instance.
ALIYUN::REDIS::Instance Create an ApsaraDB for Redis instance.
ALIYUN::ROS::WaitCondition Process the returned UserData message.
ALIYUN::ROS::WaitConditionHandle Provide the command in the returned message to UserData and receive messages.
ALIYUN::SLB::BackendServerAttachment Add an ECS instance to a Server Load Balancer instance.
ALIYUN::SLB::Listener Configure the listener parameters of Server Load Balancer.
ALIYUN::SLB::LoadBalancer Create a Server Load Balancer instance.
ALIYUN::SLB::LoadBalancerClone Create a single Server Load Balancer instance by cloning an existing Server Load Balancer instance.
ALIYUN::SLB::VServerGroup Create a virtual server group and add it to a Server Load Balancer instance.
ALIYUN::SLB::BackendServerToVServerGroupAdditionAdd a backend server to an existing VServer group.
ALIYUN::SLS::ApplyConfigToMachineGroup Assign Log Service configurations to a machine group.
ALIYUN::SLS::MachineGroup Create the ECS machine groups that require Logtail for log collection.
ALIYUN::VPC::RouterInterface Create a router interface.
ALIYUN::VPC::PeeringRouterInterfaceBinding Set information about the router interface on the peer end.
ALIYUN::VPC::PeeringRouterInterfaceConnection Initiate a connection from the specified router interface.
ALIYUN::ApiGateway::GroupCreate API groups.
ALIYUN::ApiGateway::AppCreate apps.
ALIYUN::ApiGateway::AuthorizationAuthorize an API with the access permission to an app.
ALIYUN::ApiGateway::CustomDomainBind a custom domain name and upload the SSL certificate for the specified API group.
ALIYUN::ApiGateway::DeploymentRelease an API to a specified running stage, or switch an API to a specified version.
ALIYUN::ApiGateway::SignatureCreate backend signatures.
ALIYUN::ApiGateway::SignatureBindingBind a backend signature to APIs.
ALIYUN::ApiGateway::StageConfigConfigure stage variables for API groups.
ALIYUN::ApiGateway::TrafficControlCreate user-defined traffic throttling strategies.
ALIYUN::ApiGateway::TrafficControlBindingSet user-defined traffic throttles for APIs.
ALIYUN::ApiGateway::VpcAccessConfigConfigure VPC authorities to enable the services of VPC APIs.