The Report Building Service (RBS) supports the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) feature for designing data applications. You can use widgets and templates to generate charts for PC users and mobile users. Charts such as the dashboard, workbook, and classic workbook can be shared, published, and transferred to allow readers to see the created charts.
Note The classic workbook is a beta feature and is not supported in future releases. Additionally, the classic workbook does not support custom group fields, data type conversion, snowflake schemas association, or database data association across different sources.

Service components

Create and manage dashboards

Create an interactive dashboard style chart. Dashboard charts include the following features:
  • Supports dividing the dashboard into 12 sections.
  • Supports 35 types of charts including bar, pie, dashboard, radar, polar, funnel, and card, and 5 types of widgets including the filter bar, text area, iFrame, TAB, and image.
  • Supports global parameters, linkage, link (only for tables and scatters), drilling, and linkage query.
  • Supports row-level permissions

Create and manage data applications

Data applications are the collections of the pre-defined dashboards. It provides you with an interactive selection feature that is similar to a menu, including the following features:
  • Create and edit data applications based on templates.
  • List, view, and delete data applications.

Share and transfer data works, and manage permissions

The system allows you to share and transfer charts you have created to readers with the following features:
  • Transfer and share dashboards and data applications.
  • Manage permissions for accessing dashboards and data applications.
  • Use the permission hierarchy and inheritance to control access for dashboards and data applications.