The following FAQs are only applicable to users who have registered on the HiChina ICP Filing platform. If you did not register on the HiChina platform, ignore these questions and use your Alibaba Cloud account to log on to the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system .

Can I continue to use the HiChina ICP Filing platform now?

After the platforms are merged, you can log on to the HiChina ICP Filing platform ( (only available in Chinese), but cannot do any operations regarding ICP Filing. To apply for an ICP number, log on to the new platform ( (only available in Chinese).

What happens to my ICP Filing information on the HiChina ICP registration platform?

Your ICP registration information is retained. You can import this information to the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system in the following two ways:

Method 1: Log on to the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system ( with your Alibaba Cloud account. Then, click Import ICP Filing information in the upper-right corner. The system imports your information after authenticating your former ICP Filing account and password.

Method 2: Log on to the HiChina ICP Filing platform ( Then, follow the prompts to log on with an existing Alibaba Cloud account or register a new account to import your information.

Must I complete real-name registration for my Alibaba Cloud account before applying for an ICP number?

No. The real-name registration status of your Alibaba Cloud account does not affect your ICP Filing. However, you must complete real-name registration before using the account to purchase Alibaba Cloud products.

I have multiple ICP Filing accounts on the former system, but only one Alibaba Cloud account. What do I do?

One Alibaba Cloud account only corresponds to one ICP Filing account. If you have multiple ICP Filing accounts, register for as many Alibaba Cloud accounts as your ICP Filing accounts, and associate each Alibaba Cloud account with an ICP Filing account.