Data modeling is used to visualize data, which allows you to quickly identify and extract the required information. Furthermore, it helps you make informed decisions based on data trends.

The basic process of data modeling is shown in the following figure.

Data modeling process
  1. Add data sources. Operations on datasets, workbooks, dashboards, and BI portals are all based on data sources. For information about operations on data sources, see Data source overview.
  2. Create datasets.
    • Create datasets by using tables in data sources. You can create charts and workbooks based on the created datasets. For information about operations on datasets, see Dataset overview.
    • Create datasets by using local files. For information about how to upload files, see Upload local files.
    • Create datasets by using SQL statements for ad hoc analysis. For information about operations related to SQL statements for ad hoc analysis, see Use ad hoc queries for data modelingand SQL overview.