A portal is also called a data product, which is a set of dashboards that contain menus. Through a data portal, you can perform complex topical analyses with navigation menus.

Create a data portal

  1. Log on to the Quick BI console.
  2. Select Workspace > Portals. The data portal management page is displayed.
  3. Select Create > Portal. The data portal editing page is displayed.
  4. On the Template Setting tab, you can set the template title, upload the logo, and edit the footer.

  5. Click the exit icon to set the page menu content as shown in the following figure.

  6. On the Menu Setting tab, you can set the menu name and the URL that is clicked to open a menu.
  7. In the content settings tab, set the name of the menu, the menu icon, the menu content link, and how you want to view it.
  8. Click Preview to view the edited data portal on the preview page.

Menu settings

  • The menu structure can be customized.
  • Click the + number to add a sub-menu to it, as shown in the following figure.

  • Dashboards and workbooks can be referenced in a data portal.