Workbooks are available only in the workspace of Quick BI Pro and Quick BI Enterprise Standard. You cannot create workbooks in personal spaces. You can only add charts and filter bars in Quick BI Enterprise Standard.

Edit page description

The Edit page of a workbook is divided into the following areas:
  • Dataset selection area
  • Workbook configuration area
  • Workbook display area

  • Dataset selection area: In this area, you can switch datasets. The fields of each dataset are displayed in the Dimensions and Measures lists based on the data types preset in the system. You can select dimensions and measures based on the data in the chart.
  • Workbook configuration area: In this area, you can select the expected chart type, and set the color, font, and data format of cells as needed.
  • Workbook display area: In this area, you can reprocess data based on the displayed data in cells and reference data.