Workbooks are available only in workspaces of Quick BI Pro and Quick BI Enterprise Standard. You cannot create workbooks in personal workspaces. You can add charts and query controls in workbooks only in Quick BI Enterprise Standard.

Workbook edit page

A workbook edit page consists of three sections:
  • Dataset selection section
  • Workbook configuration section
  • Workbook display section
  • The workbook configuration section is marked as 1. In this section, you can select the chart that you want to create on the workbook, export and edit the workbook, configure the data format and style of the workbook, and add a query control.
  • The workbook display section is marked as 2. In this section, you can display data in specified cells in a specified chart and reprocess data by using cell references.
  • The dataset selection section is marked as 3. In this section, you can switch the current dataset to another. The fields of a dataset are displayed in the Dimensions and Measures lists based on the data types preconfigured in the system. You can select dimensions and measures based on the chart type.