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Real-time monitoring

Last Updated: Jun 08, 2019

This section introduces the real-time performance page.


You must have access permissions to DMS and be logged on to the DMS console.


  1. Select an ApsaraDB for Redis instance and then click Log on to Database.

  2. After you log on to the instance, the following page is displayed by default. Click View Details to go to the real-time performance page.



    • The real-time performance page includes two sections. The real-time data section at the top of the page displays the metrics in real time. The chart section at the bottom of the page displays the trends of the data changes.

    • Real-time performance starts collecting data when you open the overview page and refreshes the information on the page every 8 seconds. The refresh interval is not user-configurable.

    • Click the Real-time Performance toggle to enable or disable data refresh.

Supported actions

Real-time data section

  • Each metric (rectangular box) is correlated to a chart at the bottom of the page. Click a rectangular box to show or hide the correlated chart.

  • When the color of a rectangular box is blue, the correlated chart is shown. Otherwise, the chart is hidden.

Chart section

  • You can hover your mouse cursor over a chart to view the data collected at the specific time.

  • There is a time axis under most of the charts. You can move the blocks at both ends of the time axis to view the data collected within the specified time frame.

  • Some charts contain multiple metrics. The names and icons of the metrics are displayed at the top of the carts. These metrics use the same color as the corresponding curves in the charts. Click the icon of a metric to show or hide the metric in the chart.