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Project management

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2018

In the Project Management module of the Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute platform, you can manage and configure the properties of the current project.


  1. Log on to the DataWorks console and go to the Project List page.

  2. Click Configuration to enter the DataWorks project configuration page.

  3. Configure your project as needed.

    Note: The Deleted status is unavailable to projects because all the deleted projects are not displayed on the page.


    • Project name: The name of the current DataWorks project. It supports up to 27 case-insensitive characters, letters, or numbers. (It must begin with a letter.) It is the unique identifier of the project and cannot be changed once created.

    • Project display name: The displayed name of the current DataWorks project to identify the project. It supports a 10-character combination of letters, numbers, or Chinese characters. It can be modified.

    • Administrator: The creator of the current project and has permission to delete or disable a project. This identity cannot be changed.

    • Date created: The date on which the current project is created. The Chinese websites of Alibaba Cloud observes UTC+08:00 time zone that cannot be changed.

    • Status: The four project statuses are: initializing, initialization failed, normal, and disabled.

      • The status of a new project is initializing.
      • The status becomes initialization failed if the creation fails, in which case you can try it again.
      • A normal project can be disabled by the administrator. Once disabled, all the functions of the project become unavailable but data is retained and submitted tasks are running normally.
      • The disabled project can be reset to normal by using the restoration function.
    • Description: The description of the current project to add remarks for the project. It can be changed and supports a 128-character combination of English letters and Chinese characters, symbols, or numbers.

    • Release target: You must use the Release function to move a task across projects under the same tenant’s account. This function must be configured before you can activate it for use. You can select another project under the same tenant’s account as the release target and select release content on the DataWorks page to release (migrate) the selected content to the target project.

    • Production account: The account used by the offline scheduling system of DataWorks for running scheduling tasks. This account is created during project initialization and cannot be changed.

    • Enable scheduling frequency: This option determines whether to enable the scheduling system for the current project. If it is off, you cannot schedule tasks cyclically.

    • Allow direct editing of tasks and code in this project: This option controls the permissions of current project members for creating or editing code files in this project. If it is off, no code file can be created or edited.

    • Enable Select result downloads in this project: This option determines whether or not the selected data results in data development can be downloaded. If it is off, the select data query results cannot be downloaded.

    • White-list: The IP addresses that are directly accessible to SHELL and MR tasks even if they are running in default resource groups (both IP addresses and domains can be set in the whitelist.)