Background information

In actual scenarios, a main account may allocate the Operation & Maintenance (O&M) jobs of Log Service to its Resource Access Management (RAM) sub-accounts, enabling the sub-accounts to perform routine O&M on Log Service. Alternatively, RAM sub-accounts under a main account may want to access Log Service resources. In this case, the main account must authorize its RAM sub-accounts to access or perform operations in Log Service.  For security reasons, we recommend that you grant the minimum permissions to RAM sub-accounts within the required scope.

To authorize RAM sub-accounts to access Log Service resources by using a main account, follow these steps.  For more information about the RAM sub-accounts, see Introduction.


  1. Create a RAM sub-account.
    1. Log on to the RAM console.
    2. Click Users in the left-side navigation pane. Click Create User in the upper-right corner.
    3. Enter the user information. Select the Automatically generate an AccessKey for this user check box and then click OK.
  2. Grant sub-accounts permissions to access Log Service resources
    Log Service provides two system authorization policies: AliyunLogFullAccess and AliyunLogReadOnlyAccess. These two authorization policies respectively indicate the Full Access permission and Read-Only permission. You can also customize authorization policies in the RAM console. For how to create an authorization policy, see Create a custom authorization policy. This document introduces how to grant the Read-Only permission to sub-accounts.
    1. On the User Management page, click Authorize at the right of the sub-account.  The Edit User-Level Authorization dialog box appears.
    2. Select AliyunLogReadOnlyAccessunder Available Authorization Policy Names
  3. Log on to the console as a sub-account
    The sub-account has the permission to access Log Service console after being created and authorized. You can log on to the console as a RAM sub-account in the following ways:
    1. On the RAM Overview page in the RAM console, click the RAM user logon link and use the sub-account username and password created in step 1 to log on to the console.
      Figure 1. RAM user
    2. Access the sub-account logon page and use the sub-account username and password created in step 1 to log on to the console.
      By default, the Enterprise Alias  is the account ID (ali uid) of the main account. You can view and configure your enterprise alias by navigating to Settings > Enterprise Alias Settings in the RAM console.