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Last Updated: Aug 19, 2020

This section describes the benefits of Data Management Service (DMS).

Data analysis

  • Generates charts based on SQL result sets.

  • Supports flexible row and column changes tracing and restoration of databases, tables, and rows.

  • Supports visualized analysis of table operations, including reading, adding, deleting, and updating rows.

Efficient development

  • Supports table structure comparing.

  • Supports smart SQL notifications.

  • Supports reusing customized SQL statements and templates.

  • Supports auto operation environment recovery.

  • Supports exporting dictionaries and documents.

Real-time database optimization

  • Practical session management.

  • Second-level core index monitoring.

  • Visualized lock management.

  • Real-time SQL index suggestions.

  • Diagnostic report of the whole system.

Access security

  • 4-layer authentication system.

  • Fine-grained authorization.

  • Logon and operation auditing.

Support for multiple data sources

  • Supports relational databases, such as MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, PPAS, OceanBase, and PetaData.

  • Supports NoSQL databases, such as Redis and MongoDB.

  • Supports OLAP, such as ADS.

  • Supports Servers, such as Linux.