Each operation in the following table represents the value of Action that you specify when creating authentication policies for RAM users.

For more information about creating authentication policies for RAM users, seeCustom permissions.

Operations RAM action Resource Description
CreateProduct iot:CreateProduct * Create a product.
UpdateProduct iot:UpdateProduct * Update product information
QueryProduct iot:QueryProduct * Query the detailed information of a product.
QueryProductList iot:QueryProductList * Query all the products.
DeleteProduct iot:DeleteProduct * Delete a product.
CreateProductTags iot:CreateProductTags * Create product tags.
UpdateProductTags iot:UpdateProductTags * Update product tags.
DeleteProductTags iot:DeleteProductTags * Delete product tags.
ListProductTags iot:ListProductTags * Query tags of a product.
ListProductByTags iot:ListProductByTags * Query products by tags.
RegisterDevice iot:RegisterDevice * Register a device.
QueryDevice iot:QueryDevice * Query all the devices of a specified product.
DeleteDevice iot:DeleteDevice * Delete a device.
QueryPageByApplyId iot:QueryPageByApplyId * Query the information of devices that are registered at a time.
BatchGetDeviceState iot:BatchGetDeviceState * Query the status of multiple devices at a time.
BatchRegisterDeviceWithApplyId iot:BatchRegisterDeviceWithApplyId * Register multiple devices simultaneously using a given application ID.
BatchRegisterDevice iot:BatchRegisterDevice * Register multiple devices at a time (not specify device names).
QueryBatchRegisterDeviceStatus iot:QueryBatchRegisterDeviceStatus * Query the processing status and result of device registration of multiple devices.
BatchCheckDeviceNames iot:BatchCheckDeviceNames * Specify device names in batch.
QueryDeviceStatistics iot:QueryDeviceStatistics * Query device statistics.
QueryDeviceEventData iot:QueryDeviceEventData * Query the historical records of a device event.
QueryDeviceServiceData iot:QueryDeviceServiceData * Query the historical records of a device service.
SetDeviceProperty iot:SetDeviceProperty * Set properties for a specified device.
SetDevicesProperty iot:SetDevicesProperty * Set properties for multiple devices.
InvokeThingService iot:InvokeThingService * Invoke a service on a device.
InvokeThingsService iot:InvokeThingsService * Invoke a service on multiple devices.
QueryDevicePropertyStatus iot:QueryDevicePropertyStatus * Query the property snapshots of a device.
QueryDeviceDetail iot:QueryDeviceDetail * Query the detailed information of a device.
DisableThing iot:DisableThing * Disable a device.
EnableThing iot:EnableThing * Enable a device that has been disabled.
GetThingTopo iot:GetThingTopo * Query the topological relationships of a device.
RemoveThingTopo iot:RemoveThingTopo * Delete the topological relationships of a device.
NotifyAddThingTopo iot:NotifyAddThingTopo * Notify a gateway device to add topological relationships with specified sub-devices.
QueryDevicePropertyData iot:QueryDevicePropertyData * Query the historical records of a device property.
QueryDevicePropertiesData iot:QueryDevicePropertiesData * Query the historical records of device properties.
GetGatewayBySubDevice iot:GetGatewayBySubDevice * Query the gateway device information using the sub-device information.
SaveDeviceProp iot:SaveDeviceProp * Create tags for a device.
QueryDeviceProp iot:QueryDeviceProp * Query all the tags of a device.
DeleteDeviceProp iot:DeleteDeviceProp * Delete a tag of a device.
QueryDeviceByTags iot:QueryDeviceByTags * Query devices by tags.
CreateDeviceGroup iot:CreateDeviceGroup * Create a device group.
UpdateDeviceGroup iot:UpdateDeviceGroup * Update the information of a device group.
DeleteDeviceGroup iot:DeleteDeviceGroup * Delete a device group.
BatchAddDeviceGroupRelations iot:BatchAddDeviceGroupRelations * Add devices to a group.
BatchDeleteDeviceGroupRelations iot:BatchDeleteDeviceGroupRelations * Delete devices from a group.
QueryDeviceGroupInfo iot:QueryDeviceGroupInfo * Query the detailed information of a group.
QueryDeviceGroupList iot:QueryDeviceGroupList * Query all the device groups.
SetDeviceGroupTags iot:SetDeviceGroupTags * Create, update, or delete tags of a group.
QueryDeviceGroupTagList iot:QueryDeviceGroupTagList * Query all the tags of a group.
QueryDeviceGroupByDevice iot:QueryDeviceGroupByDevice * Query the groups that a specified device is in.
QueryDeviceListByDeviceGroup iot:QueryDeviceListByDeviceGroup * Query devices in a device group.
QuerySuperDeviceGroup iot:QuerySuperDeviceGroup * Query the parent group of a device group.
QueryDeviceGroupByTags iot:QueryDeviceGroupByTags * Query device groups by tags.
StartRule iot:StartRule * Enable a rule.
StopRule iot:StopRule * Stop a rule.
ListRule iot:ListRule * Query all the rules.
GetRule iot:GetRule * Query the details of a rule.
CreateRule iot:CreateRule * Create a rule.
UpdateRule iot:UpdateRule * Update the information of a rule.
DeleteRule iot:DeleteRule * Delete a rule.
CreateRuleAction iot:CreateRuleAction * Create a data forwarding method for a rule.
UpdateRuleAction iot:UpdateRuleAction * Update a data forwarding method.
DeleteRuleAction iot:DeleteRuleAction * Delete a data forwarding method.
GetRuleAction iot:GetRuleAction * Query the detailed information of a data forwarding method.
ListRuleActions iot:ListRuleActions * Query all the data forwarding methods in a rule.
Pub iot:Pub * Publish a message.
PubBroadcast iot:PubBroadcast * Publish a message to the devices that have subscribed to a broadcast topic.
RRpc iot:RRpc * Send a message to a device and receive a response from the device.
CreateProductTopic iot:CreateProductTopic * Create a topic category for a product.
DeleteProductTopic iot:DeleteProductTopic * Delete a topic category.
QueryProductTopic iot:QueryProductTopic * Query all the topic categories of a product.
UpdateProductTopic iot:UpdateProductTopic * Update a topic category.
CreateTopicRouteTable iot:CreateTopicRouteTable * Create message routing relationships between topics.
DeleteTopicRouteTable iot:DeleteTopicRouteTable * Delete message routing relationships between topics.
QueryTopicReverseRouteTable iot:QueryTopicReverseRouteTable * Query the source topic of a target topic.
QueryTopicRouteTable iot:QueryTopicRouteTable * Query the target topics of a source topic.
GetDeviceShadow iot:GetDeviceShadow * Query the shadow information of a device.
UpdateDeviceShadow iot:UpdateDeviceShadow * Update the shadow information of a device.
SetDeviceDesiredProperty iot:SetDeviceDesiredProperty * Set desired property values for a device.
QueryDeviceDesiredProperty iot:QueryDeviceDesiredProperty * Query the desired property values of a specified device.
BatchUpdateDeviceNickname iot:BatchUpdateDeviceNickname * Update nicknames for multiple devices.
QueryDeviceFileList iot:QueryDeviceFileList * Query the files that a specified device has uploaded to IoT Platform.
QueryDeviceFile iot:QueryDeviceFile * Query a specified file that a specified device has uploaded to IoT Platform.
DeleteDeviceFile iot:DeleteDeviceFile * Delete a specified file that a specified device has uploaded to IoT Platform.
BatchAddThingTopo iot:BatchAddThingTopo * Build topological relationships between a gateway and multiple sub-devices.
QueryDeviceByStatus iot:QueryDeviceByStatus * Query devices according to the specified device status.