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Monitoring jobs overview

Last Updated: Jun 01, 2018

This topic describes the monitoring jobs supported by ARMS.

Currently, ARMS supports the following types of monitoring jobs:

  • Custom Monitoring
  • Imported Template
  • Industry Template

The configuration process is similar for these jobs, which includes three steps: Data Source Configuration, Log Cleansing, and Dataset and Alarm Configuration. In the Dataset and Alarm Configuration step, you can configure data as needed. The following figure shows the detailed process.

ARMS Monitoring Job Workflow

Custom monitoring

Custom monitoring is the most basic monitoring type provided by ARMS. In a specific business scenario, you can create a custom monitoring job to clean logs, take statistics on required metrics, generate the required data and reports, and flexibly configure alarms.

Imported template

To duplicate a monitoring job across regions or in the same region, use an imported template.

A complete monitoring job contains the data source configuration, cleansing configuration, and dataset or alarm configuration. The exported template contains the universal configurations of this job, including the cleansing configuration (log sample and cleansing rules) and dataset configuration. Therefore, after a template is imported, you must reconfigure the data source to create a new job.

ARMS Export Job Template

The exported templates are in JSON format.

Standard industry template

A standard industry template is a monitoring job solution tailored for a specific industry or a specific category of problems.

By providing various standard industry templates, ARMS significantly lowers the access threshold and enables fast reuse of rich industry experience. In a standard industry template job, you only need to pay attention to data log generation and log cleansing, and the industry template provides the dataset, alarm, and interactive dashboard configurations in a unified manner. You can also customize these configurations based on your business requirements.

Currently, ARMS supports the infrastructure-oriented Nginx template, the retail industry template and more.