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Database access

Last Updated: Mar 01, 2018

The following figure compares interaction between a client accessing a relational database, and accessing Table Store.

Access Method

The client accesses Table Store through a RESTful API in an HTTP packet. The Table Store server then verifies the signature in the packet. For more information, see Using Table Store APIs. If you use the provided Alibaba Cloud SDK, you can call the SDK APIs to perform data operations if you have the provided Table Store endpoint, instance, and AccessKey.

Table Store accesses data from a client. The client must be initialized as follows.

  1. final String endPoint = "";
  2. final String accessKeyId = "";
  3. final String accessKeySecret = "";
  4. final String instanceName = "";
  5. SyncClient client = new SyncClient(endPoint, accessKeyId, accessKeySecret, instanceName);

To initialize the client, the following parameters are required.

Parameter Description
endPoint The URL used to access the Table Store instance.
accessKeyId The AccessKeyId used to access Table Store.
accessKeySecret The AccessKeySecret used to access Table Store.
instanceName The instance name used to access Table Store.

For more information, see Access control.

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