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CNAME resolution

Last Updated: Apr 09, 2018

You can bind CNAME at www.net.cn website or other domain name registrars.


  1. Log on to the ApsaraVideo Live console.

  2. Select the region.

  3. Select the domain name and get the CNAME corresponding to the domain name.


  4. Log on to the Domain console.

  5. Click Domain Names.

  6. Click Resolve.


  7. Click Add Record.


  8. Enter the resolution parameters and click Confirm.


    • Select CNAME-Canonical name in Type.

    • Enter the secondary domain name of the streaming address in Host. For example, if the streaming address is videolive-en.aliyun.com, then the secondary domain name is videolive-en.

    • Enter the CNAME into Value of the domain name list.

      • If it is a newly created domain name, the resolution does not require to refresh the DNS.
      • Different data is cached on different DNSs. And, if the CNAME changes, it may take up to 48 hours to complete the updates.
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