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Last Updated: Nov 04, 2016

Welcome to Express Connect. You can use this document to get familiar with the relevant API operations of the Express Connect.

Before using these APIs, make sure that you fully understand the product, user agreements, and billing methods.


Term Description
Express Connect Express Connect uses Alibaba Cloud’s excellent infrastructure to create data transmission channels. It establishes secure and reliable intranet connections between different networks. For example, between VPCs or between VPC and IDC machine room.
Virtual Private Cloud An Alibaba Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a customized virtual private cloud built on the basis of Alibaba Cloud to achieve full logical isolation between Alibaba VPCs. You can create and manage cloud product instances, such as ECS, Intranet Sever Load Balancer, and RDS, in your own VPC.
Physical Connection A physical connection is the abstraction of a physical line used to directly connect a customer to Alibaba Cloud. Every connection a customer uses to access Alibaba Cloud, is considered as one Alibaba Cloud physical connection object under the customer’s name.
VRouter A VRouter is a hub in the VPC, connecting all VSwitches in the VPC and serving as a gateway device that connects the VPC to other networks as well. It forwards network traffic according to specific route entries.
Virtual Boarder Router Customers can create multiple virtual border routers (VBRs) on a physical connection. Each VBR is responsible for forwarding the data of one VLAN on the leased line to an address in Alibaba Cloud. Using VBRs, customer data can be directly transmitted to any Alibaba Cloud region.
Router Interface A Router Interface is a virtual network device. It can be attached to a VRouter to establish an Express Connect connection with another Router Interface. This creates an intranet connection between different networks.
Route Table A route table refers to a list of route entries on the VRouter.
Route Entry Each item in the route table is a route entry. A route entry defines the next hop address for the network traffic to be routed to the specified destination CIDR block. Route entries are categorized into system routes and custom routes.

Description of Business Restrictions and Type Constraints

In the interface description section, whenever there is a conflict with the type constraints given on the official site concerning optional parameter values or available specifications, the information on the official site will prevail.

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