Application scenarios

  • Resource management from the business perspective

    The application groups allow enterprise users to categorize resources under their cloud accounts and query monitoring and alarm information from the business perspective.

  • Routine inspection and quick fault identification

    The application groups provide a range of functions that include the group health measurement, fault resource list, and group resource monitoring dashboards. This allows you to inspect the resource on a daily basis. This helps to locate fault in the resources and diagnose the cause after receiving the notifications.

  • Resource efficiency improvement

    The application groups support multi-dimensional aggregation and display of monitoring data. Hence, you can query the monitoring data of group aggregation and that of a single instance to locate resource hotspots immediately.


  • The application groups allow you to manage your cloud resources across products and regions from the business perspective.
  • You can configure only one alarm rule to manage various resources for the entire group. This improves O&M efficiency and you are no longer required to set alarm rules for individual instances.instances.
  • Fault list helps you to identify fault instances immediately.
  • The application group details page provides custom monitoring charts. This helps you to display group monitoring data based on your requirements.


  1. Log on to the CloudMonitor console.
  2. Select Application Groups from the left-side navigation pane to go to the Application Group page.
  3. Click Create Group in the upper-right corner of the edit page.
  4. Type group name in the Product Group Name field.
  5. Select the product to be added.
    1. ECS and RDS are initialized, by default. You can click Add Product and/or Delete Product to set the product range of the group.
    2. Select the instances to be added to the group from the instance list of the product.
  6. Select the Notification Contacts or you can enter the contact name in the search box.
  7. To create an alarm template, select the template from the drop-down as per the requirement.
  8. Click OK to save the alarm settings for the application group.