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Last Updated: Apr 11, 2018


Query the snapshot content within a speficied period of time.

Request parameters

Parameters Type Required Example values Description
Action String Yes DescribeLiveStreamSnapshotInfo

The name of this interface. Value: DescribeLiveStreamSnapshotInfo

AppName String Yes testApp

Name of the app, which the live stream belongs to.

DomainName String Yes

Your CDN domain name.

EndTime String Yes 2017-12-22T08:00:00:00Z


  • Format: 2015-12-01T17:36:00Z.
  • The time interval between the EndTime and StartTime does not exceed 1 day.

StartTime String Yes 2017-12-21T08:00:00:00Z

Format: 2015-12-01T17:36:00Z.

StreamName String Yes testStream

The name of the live stream.

Limit Integer No 10

The number gotten in a callback.
Range: [1,100]
Default value: 10

Return parameters

Parameters Type Example values Description
RequestId String 62136AE6-7793-45ED-B14A-60D19A9486D3

The ID of the job request.


The list of scnapshot content. Without the list, an empty array is returned.

  └CreateTime String 2015-12-01T17:36:00Z

Scnapshot creation time.
Format: 2015-12-01T17:36:00Z.

  └OssEndpoint String

OSS endpoint domain name.

  └OssBucket String test123

Name of the bucket in OSS.

  └OssObject String test123

Name of the file stored in OSS.

NextStartTime String 2015-12-01T17:36:00Z

The next start time.
When the content in the time range exceeds the limit, the parameter NextStartTime is returned. It indicates the creation time of the next file and can be regarded as a StartTime. Call again this interface, the next content is gotten. If this parameter is not passed, it indicates the content does not exceed limit.


Request example

  1.<Public Request Parameter>

For more information, see Public Request Parameter.

Normal return example

JSON format

  1. {
  2. "LiveStreamSnapshotInfoList":{
  3. "LiveStreamSnapshotInfo":[{
  4. "CreateTime":"2016-05-25T09:41:09Z",
  5. "OssBucket":"livevideo-test",
  6. "OssEndpoint":"",
  7. "OssObject":"{AppName}/{StreamName}.jpg"
  8. }]
  9. },
  10. "NextStartTime":"2015-12-01T17:36:00Z",
  11. "RequestId":"62136AE6-7793-45ED-B14A-60D19A9486D3"
  12. }

Exception return example

JSON format

  1. {
  2. "Code":"InternalError",
  3. "HostId":"",
  4. "Message":"The request processing has failed due to some unknown error.",
  5. "RequestId":"6EBD1AC4-C34D-4AE1-963E-B688A228BE31"
  6. }

Error code

For more information about error code of this product, see Error code.