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Create a live snapshot

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2018

Live video snapshot service supports taking snapshots of the live video being played at a set interval and saving the snapshots as .jpg files to a specified location in OSS.

Under a live video CDN domain, the live snapshot settings are differentiated by the AppName of the live video streaming. That is, streams under the same AppName all perform snapshot operations following the settings of this AppName. The AppName can be set to , indicating that all the streams under the live video CDN domain follow the snapshot settings.

To conveniently view the snapshots, set a bucket for storage first.


  1. Log on to the ApsaraVideo Live console.

  2. Click Domains.

  3. Select the region.

  4. Select the domain name and click Detail from the Actions column.


  5. Click Snapshot settings, and click Create snapshot.


  6. Set the snapshot parameters and click OK.


    1. Enter the AppName for which the snapshot function must be enabled.

    2. Enter the frequency. It is the snapshot interval. It can be between 5 and 3,600 seconds.

    3. Select the bucket in which the snapshot files are stored, and click OK.


      Note: The bucket and the current domain name must be in the same region. For example, if the current domain name is located in China East 2 (Shanghai), the bucket must also be located in China East 2 (Shanghai). If no bucket list is available in the panel, check that the OSS bucket and the domain name are in the same region.

    4. Select a snapshot type,OverwriteorNo Overwrite. Multiple types can be selected.

      Overwrite: The video snapshots are taken in sequence based on the set interval, and the new snapshot can overwrite the previous one.

      No Overwrite: The video snapshots are taken in sequence based on the set interval, and the new snapshots are stored in OSS in the order of N+1 (N ≥ 0).

All snapshot settings under the domain name are listed on the Snapshot settings tab. For example, the snapshots of all the live video streams with AppName as the app name under the domain name are captured and exported according to this rule.

Note: The modified snapshot settings are applied to the next live video streaming.

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