Gets bandwidth data on different locates and ISPs for an accelerated domain name at a certain time, in the following units: bit/second.

  • Batch domain name queries are not supported.
  • The time is accurate to 5 minutes of granularity.

Request parameters

Name Type Must I choose? Instance Value Description
Action String Yes Describerangedatabylocateandispservice The system sets parameters. Value: Describerangedatabylocateandispservice
Endtime String Yes. Tes 22t08: 00: 00: 00Z

End Time.

  • Date is in ISO8601 format, and must use UTC time.
  • Format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mmZ.
StartTime String Yes. 2016-08-01T22: 00Z

Start time.

  • The date format follows the iso8601 representation and uses UTC time.
  • Format: yyyy-mm-ddthh: mmz.
  • The minimum data granularity is 5 minutes.
Domainnames String No The domain name to query cannot be empty.
Ispnames String No Unicom, Telecom

You need to query the target ISP list, separated by ',', and cannot be empty.

The ISP name is obtained by the maid interface.

Locationnames String No Liaoning, Guangxi

You need to query the target area list, separated by ',' and cannot be empty.

The location name is obtained through the maid interface.

Response parameters

Parameters Type Example values Description
RequestId String 16A96B9A-F203-4EC5-8E43-CB92E68F4CD8 The ID of the request.
Jsonresult String {1505973300: {Sudan: {Other: {http_codes ": {"000": 0, "200": 6, "400": 0 }, "RT": 4183, "Bandwidth": 46639, "avg_speed": 7773, "PV": 6, "hit_rate": 0.93, "request_hit_rate ": 0.66 }}}} Returns result in JSON format.


Request example

Http:// Action = fig & domainnames =
& Locationnames = liaining, Guangxi
& Ispnames = Unicom, Telecom
& StartTime = 2016-08-01T22: 00Z
& Endtime = MAID: 00Z

Example of normal return

Exception return example

  • JSON format

        "Code": "internalerror ",
        "Hostid": "maid ",
        "Message:" The request processing has failed due to some unknown error .",
        "Requestid": "maid"