If an error occurs while accessing the Image Service, the Image Service returns an error code and error message. This enables you to locate and correct the error.

Image Service error response format

An example of an error response message is given as follows:

  <Message>Input is not base64 decoding.</Message>

This error response message contains the following elements:

  • Code : An error code that the Image Service returns to the user.
  • Message : Detailed error information provided by the Image Service.
  • RequestId : A unique UUID used to identify an error request. When a problem cannot be solved, this ID can be sent to the Image Service engineers to help locate the cause of the error.
  • HostId : Used to identify the accessed Image Service cluster.

Image Service error codes

Error code Description HTTP status code
InvalidArgument Parameter error 400
Badrequest Incorrect request 400
Missingargument A parameter is missing 400
Imagetoolarge Image size exceeds the limit 400
Watermarkerror Watermark error 400
AccessDenied Access is denied 403
Signaturedoesnotmatch  Signature does not match 403
Nosuchfile Image does not exist 404
Nosuchstyle Style does not exist 404
InternalError Internal service error 500
NotImplemented Method not implemented 501

Processing parameter restrictions

Image Service has the following restrictions:

  • The source file size cannot exceed 20 MB.
  • Scaling operation: The scaled image size is limited. The product of its width and height cannot exceed 4096 x 4096, and the length of a single side cannot exceed 4096 x 4.
  • Rotation operation: The size of the image to be rotated is limited. The image width or height cannot exceed 4,096.
  • A maximum of 4 channels are allowed.