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Last Updated: Dec 07, 2017
  • Easy-to-use MongoDB services

    • Quick creation: You can purchase an ApsaraDB for MongoDB instance in a few simple steps.

    • Fast upgrade: Instance configuration supports elastic expansion and online upgrades, so you can easily boost instance performance.

    • Console: The console provides instance management, account management, performance monitoring, backup and recovery, threshold alarms, security control, and other functions.

  • Backup and recovery

    • Automatic backup: ApsaraDB for MongoDB allows you to set backup cycles. You can flexibly configure backup start times according to your business’ off-peak hours. All backup files are retained for free for up to 7 days.

    • Temporary backup: You can initiate temporary backup as required. The backup files are retained for free for up to 7 days.

    • Data recovery: Using backup files, you can directly overwrite existing data and restore an instance to a previous state.

    • Backup file download: ApsaraDB retains backup files for free for up to 7 days. During this period, you can log on to the console and download the backup files to your local device.

    • Creating instances from backup sets: On the console, you can create an instance from backup files with a single click for fast deployment.

  • Comprehensive monitoring

    ApsaraDB for MongoDB provides over 20 metric items for system performance monitoring, including disk capacity, IOPS, connections, CPU utilization, network traffic, TPS, QPS, and cache hit rate. You can view instance operation information from up to 1 year ago.

  • Security assurance

    IP access whitelist: ApsaraDB for MongoDB provides IP access filtering for instances. You can log on to the console to set the IP access whitelist. After setting the whitelist, maximum access security protection can be achieved. Up to 1,000 IP addresses can be added to the whitelist.

  • Professional tools

    DMS is a web-based database management platform customized by Alibaba Cloud for could-based databases. It can help developers, SAs, and DBAs perform database management and maintenance securely and conveniently through the browser.

  • Carefree aftersales service

    If you encounter a problem when using ApsaraDB, call 95187 (domestic) or submit an aftersales ticket for help. Our aftersales team provides 24/7 tech-support services.

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