You can view and delete the created data volumes.


  1. Log on to the Container Service console.
  2. Click Data Volumes in the left-side navigation pane and select the target cluster.

    All the data volumes in the selected cluster are displayed on the Data Volume List page, including the local data volumes and third-party data volumes.

    On this page, you can view the containers that reference the data volumes.

    For local data volumes, the data volume name is in the format of node_name/volume_name.

    For third-party data volumes, you can click View under Volume Parameters to view the parameters of the data volumes.

    When you create a third-party data volume, Container Service creates the data volume with the same name on each node in the cluster, allowing containers to be migrated between nodes. You can also select to Delete all volumes with the same name.

    Data volumes referenced by containers cannot be deleted. The Data Volume List page displays the containers that reference the data volume.  You must delete the containers that references the data volume before you can delete the data volume.