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Receive message through topic notification

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2018

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MNS actively pushes message notifications by topic to users. You can conveniently receive the messages if an HTTP service can be publicly accessed.

  • Basic structure

    The basic structure of a video media repository notification is as follows:

    • The outermost layer is the structure body of MNS.

      For details about the definition and format of MNS, see MNS - Notification operations.

    • The message body of MNS is the structure body of the media repository.

      After receiving the message body, MNS further resolves the message of the media repository. For details about the resolution steps and sample codes, see Receive a message in queue mode.

  • Security

    The topic (notification) mode is convenient. However, as the HTTP service can be publicly accessed, illegal calls and attacks must be prevented. For details about how to identify whether a message is initiated by MNS, see the MNS documentation Endpoint signature authentication.

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