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Data source overview

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2018

A data source or log source provides data input for ARMS. You can push data to ARMS real-time compute engine in any of the following ways.

  • ECS

    Incrementally push data, such as log files, on the ECS instances using the Logtail Agent. This method is applicable to all business monitoring scenarios in which applications run on Alibaba Cloud ECS instances.

  • LogHub data source

    Use Alibaba Cloud Log Service LogHub as the data source of ARMS. If logs on the ECS instances have been collected by Alibaba Cloud LogHub, you can use this method to allow ARMS to reuse data on LogHub.

  • API data source

    Directly push logs to ARMS through APIs or SDKs. This method is applicable to devices, such as mobile terminals, on which the agent cannot be installed but collected data can be directly pushed by integrated APIs.

  • MQ data source

    Connect ARMS with MQ to pull Topic messages and perform real-time statistics and business monitoring based on the content. This method is applicable to users who have used MQ for business processing, such as users in e-commerce and IoT fields.