The AddCategory API adds a category.

Request parameters

Parameters Type Required or not Description
Action String Yes API of the action, system required parameter. Value: AddCategory
CateName String Yes Category name,
  • which consists of up to 64 bytes.
  • UTF-8 encoding.
ParentId Long No Parent category ID.

If this parameter is not set, a level 1 category is generated by default. The root node category ID is -1.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
Category Category Category information


Request example<public paramete>

Response example

        <CateName>this is a new cate</CateName>
        "Category": {
            "CateId": 7503631, 
            "ParentId": -1, 
            "CateName": "this is a new cate", 
            "Level": 0
        "RequestId": "EFFE963A-5862-4CA2-A939-671DEFB35BF9"