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Error code

Last Updated: Oct 11, 2018

A successful calling of MQ Open API returns ResponseCode=200 to the client, and a failed one returns an error code and a description. You can find solutions accordingly in the table below.

Error Code Symptom and Cause Solution
ONS_SYSTEM_ERROR MQ backend exception Contact MQ technical support through an Alibaba Cloud ticket
ONS_SERVICE_UNSUPPORTED The calling is not supported in the corresponding Region Check the interface activation status with MQ technical support
ONS_INVOKE_ERROR Open API interface calling failed Contact MQ technical support
BIZ_FIELD_CHECK_INVALID Parameter verification failed Refer to API manual to check if each input parameters is valid
BIZ_TOPIC_NOT_FOUND Topic is not found Check if the Topic input is valid or if it was created
BIZ_SUBSCRIPTION_NOT_FOUND The CID of the target subscription relation is not found Check if the CID was created, or if the query criterion is incorrect
BIZ_PUBLISHER_EXISTED The specified PID already exists Change the PID name and retry the request
BIZ_SUBSCRIPTION_EXISTED The specified CID already exists Change the CID name and retry the request
BIZ_CONSUMER_NOT_ONLINE The client of the specified CID is offline Make sure the consumer client is online and retry the request
BIZ_NO_MESSAGE No matching message is found for the current query criterion Check the query criterion and confirm if a message was sent within the query range
BIZ_REGION_NOT_FOUND The requested Region is not found Confirm if the requested Region parameter is valid
BIZ_TOPIC_EXISTED The specified Topic already exists Change the Topic name and retry the request
BIZ_PRODUCER_ID_BELONG_TO_OTHER_USER The current PID has been taken by other users Change the PID and retry the request
BIZ_CONSUMER_ID_BELONG_TO_OTHER_USER The current CID has been taken by other users Change the CID and retry the request
BIZ_PUBLISH_INFO_NOT_FOUND The requested PID is not found Confirm if the PID exists or if the request criterion is incorrect
EMPOWER_EXIST_ERROR The current authorization relation already exists Check the requested parameter and retry, or query the requested parameter first
EMPOWER_OWNER_CHECK_ERROR The current user is not the owner of the authorized Topic Confirm the resource ownership
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