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Resource query

Last Updated: Aug 31, 2018

This topic explains how to use an Open API to query MQ resources (including Topic, Publish, and Subscribe) owned by a specified account.

Resource query

  1. The queried resources include Topic, Publish, and Subscribe information.

  2. You can perform an exact match query with the name of Topic, Publish, and Subscribe.

  3. If no precise information is available, then automatically search for and query according to the related content.

  4. If precise information is not required, you can query the list of all resources under the current account instead.

Main process

The calling process is shown in the following figure:

resource query-api

  • Publish list: OnsPublishList
  • Publish search: OnsPublishSearch
  • Publish exact match query: OnsPublishGet
  • Topic list: OnsTopicList
  • Topic search: OnsTopicSearch
  • Topic exact match query: OnsTopicGet
  • Subscribe list: OnsSubscribeList
  • Subscribe search: OnsSubscribeSearch
  • Subscribe exact match query: OnsSubscribeGet
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