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Configure alarms

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018

With this function, you can configure alarms for your jobs and specify alarm recipients. If the alarm condition is triggered when a job is running, the system sends the alarm information to the specified contacts as a remider to check and the status of the job.

  1. On the Jobs page, click Configure Monitoring in the Actions column to the right of the job you want to monitor.

  2. On the Configure Monitoring dialog box, enter the related information and click OK.

    Monitoring configuration

    • Enable Alarms. Enable or disable alarms. After alarm is disabled, the configurations are saved, but the system stops sending alarms.

    • Job Not Triggered Promptly: After configured, if the job is not triggered on time for the specified times set in the threshold, an alarm will be sent.

    • Trigger Alarm Upon Running Time-out: If the job running time exceeds the threshold, an alarm is triggered. If you select Force stop job if threshold exceeded, the system stops the job when sending the alarm and changes the job running status to Stopped, but does not forcibly end the threads run on SchedulerX-Client. After the first alarm of a job instance is triggered, the subsequent alarms for that job is sent at an incremental interval (5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and 40 minutes).

      Note: This alarm is used to monitor jobs that run for a long period of time, with the prerequisite that the job runtime should be longer than one minute.

    • Trigger Alarm Upon Execution Failure: If the job runs on a single host, this option is a check box. If the job runs on multiple hosts, you must enter the failure percent (number of hosts where job execution fails/total number of hosts*100). If the number of job execution failures exceeds the threshold, an alarm is triggered.

    • Set Alarm Notification Contact: Job alarm information can be sent through SMS or email. You can select multiple contacts as the notification contacts after selecting Accounts>Personal Information from the left-side navigation pane.

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