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Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018

During application development, you can identify most issues by checking logs. The following table shows the paths and descriptions of EDAS logs.

Log file name Description
/home/admin/taobao-tomcat-production-xxxx/logs/catalina.out This is the most important log. It shows exceptions of applications and Tomcat application servers. This is the log most useful for identifying development issues.
/home/admin/taobao-tomcat-production-xxxx/logs/ If an error can be hardly identified after you analyze the catalina.out log file, refer to the localhost log files. Make sure your application starts up correctly before analyzing the logs.
/home/admin/configclient/logs/config.client.log This log shows if the service publication and subscription are successful. Look for key words like “Register-ok” and “Publish-ok” in the log.
/home/admin/logs/hsf/hsf.log This is the HSF service log, recording the details of the HSF service calling process. If an exception occurs during an HSF call, check this log.

For application containers, the basic troubleshooting process is as follows:

  1. Check the file /home/admin/taobao-tomcat-production-xxxx/logs/catalina.out

  2. Check the file /home/admin/taobao-tomcat-production-xxxx/logs/

Find the first Tomcat-related error and solve it. Then, restart the application and check if there are any other errors.