When you develop applications, you can view logs to troubleshoot and fix issues.

The following table lists the log paths that are related to Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS).

File name Description
/home/admin/taobao-tomcat-production-xxxx/logs/catalina.out You can check the log file. The log file includes exceptions that occur on the application and Tomcat application server. This is the most important log file to which you need to pay close attention in the development process.
/home/admin/taobao-tomcat-production-xxxx/logs/localhost.log.xxx If an error is difficult to identify or no error is found in the catalina.out log file, you can also check this localhost log file. This ensures that your application is started as normal. This applies before you check other logs and troubleshoot the issue.
/home/admin/configclient/logs/config.client.log The log file that shows whether the service publish and subcribe operations are successful. You can search for keywords such as Register-ok and Publish-ok in the log file to confirm.
/home/admin/logs/hsf/hsf.log If an exception occurs in an HSF call, you can check this HSF service log that records some details of the HSF service call.

You can troubleshoot errors in the application container. Perform the following steps:

  1. Check the /home/admin/taobao-tomcat-production-xxxx/logs/catalina.out log file.
  2. Check the /home/admin/taobao-tomcat-production-xxxx/logs/localhost.log.xxx log file.
  3. Find and fix the first Tomcat-related error. Then, restart the application and check whether other bugs exist.