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Inspect compatibility with HSF

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2018

The table below provides a reference for the compatibility between service attributes in Dubbo configuration files and HSF. After inspecting a configuration's compatibility, you can start application debugging and publishing.

Function Dubbo parameter Compatibility Error message Supported by EDAS
Timeout timeout Yes
Delay exposure delay Yes
Thread model dispatcher= "all" threadpool= "fixed" threads= "100" Yes
Echo test Yes
Lazy exposure lazy= "true" Enabled by default Yes
Local call protocol= "injvm" Yes
Implicit parameter passing Yes
Concurrency control actives=“10” executes=“10” Visualized configuration in EDAS Console Yes
Connection control accepts=“10” connections="2" Visualized configuration in EDAS Console Yes
Service downgrade Visualized configuration in EDAS Console Yes
Cluster fault tolerance retries/cluster Retries supported No error reporting Partially
Load balancing loadbalance Default: random No error reporting Partially
Service groups group * configuration not supported java.lang.IllegalStateException: hsf2 Partially
Multi-version version * configuration not supported [HSF-Consumer] cannot find the target address of the service to be called Partially
Asynchronous calling async=“true" return="false" return element not effetive No error reporting Partially
Check upon startup check Disabled by default No error reporting Check upon startup disabled by default
Multi-protocol Only supports Dubbo protocol com.alibaba.dubbo.config.ServiceConfig service
[com.alibaba.demo.api.DemoApi] configured RMI protocol, HSF2 not supported
Routing rules Visualized configruation in EDAS Console Yes
Configuration rules Visualized configruation in EDAS Console Yes
Multiple registration center No
Group merge group= "aaa,bbb" merger= "true" Yes java.lang.IllegalStateException: hsf2 The consumption of multiple groups at the same time not supported! No
Contextual information Yes Caused by: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: not support getInvocation method in hsf2 No
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