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Configure IDEA environment

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2018

The configuration of an integrated development environment (IDEA) does not depend on any additional plugins. You can simply use the JVM startup parameter -Dpandora.location. Currently, only EDAS Business Edition supports this method of IDEA configuration, not the Community Edition. This process is as follows:

  1. Click Run in the menu or toolbar and select Edit Configuration.


  2. Click the plus sign (+) in the window and select Tomcat Server> Local to add startup configuration for a local Tomcat container.


  3. Configure AliTomcat. On the right side of the page, select the Server tab. In the Application Server area, click Configure. Then, on the page that appears, select the path where AliTomcat is stored when you install it, for example, d:\work\tomcat\.


  4. Select the AliTomcat instance you just configured from the Application Server drop-down menu.


  5. In VM Options, add the JVM startup parameter directing to the Pandora path, for example, -Dpandora.location=d:\work\tomcat\deploy\taobao-hsf.sar.

  6. Click Apply or OK to complete the configuration.

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