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Configure Eclipse environment

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2018

The configuration of the Eclipse development environment requires you to download the Tomcat4E plugin and save it to the path where the Pandora container is saved, as created when you install Ali-Tomcat. Eclipse is an environment where you can directly publish and debug local code.

Follow these steps to configure Eclipse environment:

  1. Download the Tomcat4E plugin and extract it to a local directory. For example, d:\work\tomcat4e\.

    The package contains the following items:


  2. Launch Eclipse and choose Help > Install New Software on the menu bar. The following dialog box is displayed. Then, click Add > Local, select the directory that stores the extracted Tomcat4E plugin (d:\work\tomcat4e\ in this example), and click OK.


  3. Click Select All > Next to complete plugin installation.


  4. Restart Eclipse.

  5. Configure the Eclipse project for Tomcat4E to take effect. To do this, right-click the Eclipse project, and choose Run As > Run Configurations from the shortcut menu.


  6. Select AliTomcat Webapp on the left-side menu bar, and click the Add Startup Configuration button.

  7. In the dialog box that appears, select the AliTomcat tab. In the Pandora (taobao-hsf.sar location) area, select Use local taobao-hsf.sar and click the Browse button next to it to select the local Pandora path, for example, d:\work\tomcat\deploy\taobao-hsf.sar.


  8. Click Apply or Run to complete the configuration. Next time, you can start this project directly without the need to configure it again.

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