Install Ali-Tomcat

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018

Ali-Tomcat is a container for applications in EDAS. It integrates service publishing, subscription, distributed tracing, and other core functions. Applications must be published in this container either in development or runtime environments.

Follow these steps to install Ali-Tomcat:

Note: Use JDK 1.7 or a later version.

  1. Download and save Ali-Tomcat to your local disk, and extract the archive to the appropriate directory (for example, d:\work\tomcat\).

  2. Download and save Pandora Container, and extract the archive to the deploy directory where you saved Ali-Tomcat, which is d:\work\tomcat\deploy\ in this example.

  3. Check the Pandora Container directory structure.

    • In Linux systems, run the tree -L 2 deploy/ command in the relevant path to view the directory structure.

      1. d:\work\tomcat > tree -L 2 deploy/
      2. deploy/
      3. └── taobao-hsf.sar
      4. ├── META-INF
      5. ├── lib
      6. ├──
      7. ├── plugins
      8. ├── sharedlib
      9. └──
    • In Windows systems, go directly to the relevant path to check the structure.

      Pandora directory structure

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