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Why don't the ECS instances under my name appear in the ...

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Possible causes

  • Generally, EDAS Agent is not installed or fails to be installed on the ECS instance you bought.
  • You did not add the ECS instance into the cluster in which you want to create an app.


  1. Log on to the EDAS console and choose Resource > ECS on the left-side menu bar.

  2. On the instance list page, view the Agent Status.

    • If the EDAS Agent has been installed successfully on the instance, its status is Online or Docker Online.

    • If EDAS Agent installation fails, its status is Unknown or Exception.

  3. If the EDAS Agent status is Unknown, EDAS Agent is not installed on the ECS instance. For details about how to install EDAS Agent, see Install EDAS Agent.

  4. If the EDAS Agent status is Exception, EDAS Agent fails to be installed on the ECS instance.In this case, see “Unknown” or “Exception” status after EDAS Agent is installed for troubleshooting.

  5. After the EDAS agent had been installed on the ECS instance, select Resource > Clusters on the left-side menu bar, then click the name of the cluster where you want to create an app and check whether your ECS instance is in the cluser.

    • If the ECS is in the cluster, connect the technical supports of EDAS.
    • if the ECS is not in the cluster, click Add ECS Instance on the upper-right corner to add a cluster host.

Verify Result

Create app and choose the cluster again, you should see your ECS instance in the instance list.