Error message

The consumer error HSFTimeOutException is reported.


  • Check whether the network of the Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance is healthy. Check whether the IP address of the provider can be pinged.
  • If the processing time of the provider is greater than 3s, find the service execution timeout logs in hsf.log of the provider to locate the specific class and method:
    • A serialization error has occurred for the provider. Check the code. The stream type, files, and oversized objects may cause a serialization error. Do not transfer such data.
    • The code performance is inadequate. Optimize the code.
    • The logic of the provider is complex, and service processing time is greater than 3s. Modify the timeout interval. For more information, see Developer Guide.
  • Timeout occurs occasionally, and GC occurs for both the provider and consumer. Check the GC logs of the provider and consumer. GC that requires a long time may result in timeout. For more information about troubleshooting methods, search for Java GC optimization on the Internet.
  • The consumer is heavily loaded and fails to send the request, resulting in timeout. Add more instances for the consumer.