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Running startup.bat and does not work

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2019

This problem may occur due to several reasons. Perform troubleshooting based on the prompted error message.

  1. Error message: Java version not supported, must be 1.6 or 1.6+.


    Check whether Java is properly installed. If Java is not installed, install Java 1.6 or a later version.

  2. Error message: “Unable to start embedded Tomcat servlet container” or “Tomcat connector in failed state”.


    Check whether port 8080 is in use. If the port is being used by another program, stop the program and execute the startup script. The specific steps are as follows:

    • Windows

      1. Open the CMD window and run netstat -aon|findstr “8080”. Record the last column of numbers in the queried data, namely the process ID (PID), for example “2720”.
      2. Run tasklist|findstr “2720”. The program corresponding to the current PID, for example javaw.exe, is displayed.
      3. Run taskkill /PID 2720 /T /F.
      4. Start the lightweight configuration center again.
    • Linux

      1. Run netstat -antp|grep 8080. The PID of the program that uses port 8080 is displayed, for example “2720”.
      2. Run kill -9 2720.
      3. Start the lightweight configuration center again.
  3. Error message: Caused by: iZ25ax7xuf5Z


    iZ25ax7xuf5Z indicates the current instance. Check whether the current instance IP address and name are configured in /etc/hosts. If not, configure them, for example, iZ25ax7xuf5Z.