Background information

ApsaraDB for Redis provides an instance monitoring function and sends an SMS message to you when detecting an instance exception.

Monitoring and alarming are implemented through CloudMonitor. CloudMonitor enables you to set metrics and notify all contacts in the alarm contact group when the alarm policies of the metrics are triggered. You can maintain an alarm contact group corresponding to an alarm metric so that relevant contacts are promptly notified when an alarm occurs.


  1. Log on to the Redis console and find the target instance.
  2. Click the instance ID or Manage to go to the Instance Information page.
  3. Select Alarm Settings in the left-side navigation pane.
  4. Click Alarm Settings to go to the CloudMonitor console. You can click Refresh to manually refresh the current status of the monitoring metrics.
  5. SelectAlarm Rules > Create Alarm Rule.
  6. Add alarm rules on the Batch Alarm Rule Settings page.
  7. Click Next to set the notification object. You can click Quickly Create a Contact Group to create an alarm contact or alarm contact group.
  8. Click Confirm and then click Close.

    After the alarm setting is completed, you can modify, disable, and delete alarm rules on the Alarm Rules page of the CloudMonitor console. You can also view the alarm history on this page.