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What will happen if EDAS Agent's heartbeat process stops

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2018

If no application is installed on that ECS instance, no service is affected. If applications have been installed on the ECS instance, in the instance list of the application (Under Application Management, select an application to go to the Basic Information page of the application. The list of deployed ECS instances is displayed at the bottom of the page) the real-time status of the ECS instance becomes Agent Abnormal, and commands such as deployment, startup, and stopping are invalid for the ECS instance.

Log on to the ECS instance and run the sudo -u admin /home/admin/edas-agent/bin/ command to start EDAS Agent. Troubleshooting of abnormal exit of EDAS Agent:

  • Check whether error messages are logged in /home/admin/edas-agent/logs/agent.log.
  • Check whether the system memory is sufficient. If the system memory is insufficient, the system out-of-memory Killer (OOM Killer) is triggered. For details, search for "Linux oom kill". If OOM Killer is triggered. We recommend that you check the system memory usage and adjust the memory allocation.