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Container version management

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2019

An EDAS container consists of AliTomcat, Pandora, and custom Pandora plugins. In addition to the support for existing Apache Tomcat core functions, a class isolation mechanism, QoS, and Tomcat-Monitor are provided.Besides, highly customized plug-ins are added to EDAS containers to implement complex and advanced functions, such as container monitoring, service monitoring, and tracing.Applications deployed using EDAS must run in EDAS containers.

Basic concepts


AliTomcat is a version of Apache Tomcat for internal use, which is developed by the Alibaba middleware team after performance optimization, bug fixing, and new feature development based on Apache Tomcat.AliTomcat is widely deployed and used in Alibaba Group, and offers enhanced performance, security, and stability compared with the community version.

Pandora and Pandora plugins

Pandora is a lightweight isolation container, which is taobao-hsf.sar. It is used to isolate dependence between web applications and middleware products and between middleware products so that they do not affect each other. Plug-ins implementing service discovery, configuration pushing, tracing, and other middleware products are integrated in EDAS Pandora.By using these plugins, you can monitor, process, track, analyze, maintain, and manage services of EDAS applications in all dimensions.

Container version

You must select the container version when creating an application on EDAS.EDAS containers are maintained and published by the EDAS development team.You can choose Application Management > Software Version to check the history and description of container publishing. Alternatively, you can view Container version description.Generally, a container of a higher version is superior to a container of a lower version in stability and functions variety.

The publishing of an EDAS container does not affect deployed applications.Once a new container is available, you can immediately upgrade the container to the latest version.

Upgrade or downgrade containers

  1. In the left-side navigation pane of the EDAS console, choose Application Management > Applications. On the Applications page, click the name of the target application.

  2. On the Application Details page, click Container Version in the left-side navigation pane.

  3. On the Container Version page, click Upgrade to This Version or Downgrade to This Version on the right side of the row corresponding to the container to upgrade or downgrade the container with a single click.