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Last Updated: Dec 01, 2017

Cause of error

The HTTP Method, Path, or specified stage (X-Ca-Stage) of the request is incorrect.

For example, an API is specified to be called in the test stage, but the API is not released to the test stage.


  • If a stage isn’t specified for the request, APIs in the release stage are accessed by default.
  • An API where the definition is modified must be released again to take effect. In most cases, the path is modified, but the API has not been released again. An error is reported when the request is submitted based on the new path.


Check the three factors: HTTP Method, Path, and stage.

  1. If POST request is required in API instructions, GET requests are not supported. The call methods must be consistent.
  2. The request path must be consistent with the current running path. APIs that are modified, but not released, can result in a call failure.
  3. An appropriate stage must be specified. The value of the parameter X-Ca-Stage in the request Header is “RELEASE/TEST”, indicating the test and online stages, respectively. If this parameter is left empty, the online stage is used by default.
  4. For more instructions on parameters and requests, see Call an API.