CloudMonitor supports RAM. This allows you to control permissions for Cloud Service Monitoring metric data, alarm rule management, alarm contact and alarm contact group management through sub-accounts.


Currently, metric data queries are supported for the following cloud products:

  • ECS
  • RDS
  • Server Load Balancer
  • OSS
  • CDN
  • ApsaraDB for Memcache
  • EIP
  • ApsaraDB for Redis
  • Message Service
  • Log Service

Permission description

In RAM system permissions, the Read-only CloudMonitor access permission only authorizes the sub-account to view relevant data, such as metric data and alarm data. 

Authentication type

In addition to basic sub-account permission control, RAM currently supports time, MFA, and IP authentication.

Resource description

Currently, RAM does not support fine-grained resource descriptions. Only the “*” wildcard is used for resource authorization.

Operation description

  • Metric data

    Data query actions are divided into two groups: Product instance list display and CloudMonitor metric data queries. When authorizing a sub-account to log on to the CloudMonitor portal and view metric data, you must also grant the sub-account permissions for the corresponding product’s instance list and metric data query.

    The corresponding actions are listed in the following table.

    Product name action
    CMS QuerMetricList
    CMS QueryMetricLast
    ECS DescribeInstances
    RDS DescribeDBInstances
    SLB DescribeLoadBalancer*
    OSS ListBuckets
    OCS DescribeInstances
    EIP DescribeEipAddresses
    Aliyun Cloud for Redis DescribeInstances
    Message Service ListQueue
    CDN DescribeUserDomains
  • Alarm management

    Alarm management includes alarm rule management, alarm contact and alarm contact group management, and event subscription.

    The query-related actions are listed in the following table.

    Action Meaning
    QueryAlarm Query the alarm rule
    QueryAlarmHistory Query the alarm history
    QueryContactGroup Query the contact group
    QueryContact Query the contact
    QuerySms Query the number of SMSs used
    QueryMns Querying the event subscription configuration

    The management-related actions are listed in the following table.

    Action Meaning
    UpdateAlarm Modify the alarm rule
    CreateAlarm Create the alarm rule
    DeleteAlarm Delete the alarm rule
    DisableAlarm Disable the alarm rule
    EnableAlarm Enable the alarm rule
    CreateContact Create the contact
    DeleteContact Delete the contact
    UpdateContact Modify the contact
    SendEmail Send the email authentication code
    SendSms Send the SMS verification code
    CheckEmail Check the mail verification code
    CheckSms Check the SMS verification code
    CreateGroup Create the contact group
    DeleteGroup Delete the contact group
    UpdateGroup Modify the contact group
    CreateMns Create the event subscription
    DeleteMns Delete the event subscription
    UpdateMns Modify the event subscription