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Alibaba Cloud CLI command structure

Last Updated: Dec 20, 2017

The Alibaba Cloud CLI command structure is as follows.

  1. aliyuncli <command> <subcommand> [options and parameters]
  • aliyuncli: Alibaba Coud CLI, the tool name of Alibaba Cloud.

  • command: a top-layer command which represents an Alibaba Cloud basic service supported by Alibaba Cloud CLI (such as ECS/RDS/SLB/OSS), or a command of Alibaba Cloud CLI (such as “help” and “configure”).

  • subcommand: a subcommand that specifies an operation to be executed, that is, a specific operation.

  • options and parameters: the parameter list corresponding to the operation specified in subcommand. The ordering of the parameters has no impact on the use of commands. Various types of input values can be used, such as numbers, strings, lists, mappings, and JSON structures.


  1. aliyuncli rds DescribeDBInstances --PageSize 50
  1. aliyuncli ecs DescribeRegions
  1. aliyuncli rds DescribeDBInstanceAttribute --DBInstanceId xxxxxx