Currently, the Table Store Java SDK adopts the Exception method to handle errors. The operation is successful if the called interface does not throw an exception. If an exception is thrown, the operation fails.

Note Batch operation interfaces such as BatchGetRow and BatchWriteRow are successfully called only when the system checks that no exception is thrown and the status of each row is successful.


The Table Store Java SDK has two types of exceptions: ClientException and TableStoreException, inherited from RuntimeException.

  • ClientException: Indicates an internal SDK exception, for example, an incorrect parameter value.

  • TableStoreException: Indicates a server error generated by parsing a server error message. TableStoreException has the following components:

    • getHttpStatus(): Returned HTTP code, for example, 200 or 404.

    • getErrorCode(): Error type string returned by Table Store.

    • getRequestId(): The UUID used as a unique identifier for this request. If you cannot solve a problem, save the RequestId and open a ticket.