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Last Updated: Apr 28, 2018

Tag overview

Server Load Balancer provides the tag function, which helps you to classify Server Load Balancer instances by adding tags to them.

Each tag consists of a key and value. Note the following limits when using tags:

  • Tags cannot be used across regions. They are region-specific resources.

  • Tags must be added to Server Load Balancer instances. If not, the tags will be deleted.

  • Up to 10 tags can be added to a Server Load Balancer instance.

  • The key of each tag added to an instance must be unique. Otherwise, tags of the same key will be overwritten.

Add tags

  1. Log on to the Server Load Balancer console.

  2. On the Instances page, find the target instance to add tags, click More > Edit Tags.


  3. In the Edit Tags dialog box, click Create and then enter the key and value. Click Confirm.

    add tag

Search instances using tags

  1. On the Instances page, click Tag.

  2. Select the key and value to use as the search criteria.

    Instances with the specified tag are displayed. You can click the delete icon next to the tag to clear the filter.

    search tag

View and search tags

  1. In the left-side navigation pane, click Tags.

    All the created tags are listed.

  2. Select the key of the tag and enter value to search the tag.

Delete a tag

A tag is deleted when it is removed from all associated instances.

  1. On the Instances page, find the target instance to add tags, click More > Edit Tags.

  2. Click the delete icon next to tag and then click Confirm.

    If the tag is attributed to multiple instances, you need to remove the tag from each instance. Once the tag is not associated with any instance, it will be deleted from the system.