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Last Updated: Feb 11, 2018

Publish and manage applications

Application deployment and management can be complicated in complex cloud environments. For locally developed applications, you need to allocate appropriate servers, and log on each server to deploy them. It is also required to restart and scale up the applications as your business keeps growing. The increasing number of servers poses a great challenge to the maintenance staff.

For this scenario, EDAS provides a visual friendly platform to deploy and manage applications, which allows you to easily manage the full life cycle of applications in the web console regardless of the scale of the cluster.

Build distributed systems

How to ensure reliable service calls between systems in a distributed architecture is always a headache when you transform a centralized system to a distributed system. For example, you have to nail down a lot of technical details in network communication and the design of serialization protocols.

EDAS provides a high-performance RPC framework, which allows you to build highly available distributed systems and take into consideration the technical details such as distributed service discovery, service routing, service calling, and service security easily.

Analyze system runtime status

After you develop an application and deploy it to the production environment, you often need to monitor the runtime status of the application, such as CPU usage, machine workload, memory usage, and network traffic. However, this type of basic monitoring cannot meet all business needs. For example, you can neither identify the bottleneck when the system runs slow nor troubleshoot when an error occurs upon opening a page.

To address these challenges, EDAS provides a series of digital operation components, which allows you to precisely monitor and trae every single component or service in the distributed system and pinpoint the bottleneck quickly.

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