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Last Updated: Jan 30, 2018

EDAS supports more than 99% of Alibaba’s large-scale application systems, including all the key online systems that manage transactions, products, stores, logistics, and customer reviews, and provides highly stable and reliable services.

High reliablility

  • Used and tested within Alibaba for about ten years.
  • Supports the stable operation of all Alibaba’s key applications.
  • Tested and proven during the past Double 11 shopping festivals.
  • Provides sound authentication mechanism that ensures every single service call is secure and reliable.

Full-fledged features

  • Supports full life cycle management of applications with a sound PaaS platform.
  • Provides a set of service governance solutions to enable effective management of distributed services.
  • Provides a comprehensive application diagnostics system to help you easily identify the root cause of issues.
  • Provides online stress test and capacity planning capabilities to help you easily access online operation performance metrics and real-time server workloads.
  • Supports automatic scaling to help you easily cope with unexpected traffic peaks.

In-depth monitoring

  • Provides in-depth and global metrics reporting.
  • Performs all-round monitoring and diagnosis.
  • Tracks every single distributed call.
  • Conducts dependency analysis of every system bottleneck.


  • Contributed multiple Internet middleware components to open-source community.
  • Donated top-grade Apache project, which is widely acclaimed in the industry.
  • Easily replaceable with open-source software without technology hard bundle.
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