To maximize the use of available computing resources of a cluster, multiple execution plans can currently be mounted to the same cluster to utilize parallel execution.

The main points are summarized as follows:
  • Jobs in the same execution plan will be executed in series, and it is considered by default that subsequent jobs can be submitted and executed only after execution of preceding jobs is completed.
  • In case of sufficient cluster resources, it is required to create a number of different execution plans and to associate them to the same cluster for submission and running to execute multiple jobs in parallel (a cluster is considered by default to support at most 20 execution plans for parallel execution).
  • The management and control system currently supports parallel submission for execution plans associated to the same cluster to Yarn. However, if the cluster itself has insufficient resources, jobs will be congested in the Yarn queue to wait for scheduling.

For the process of creating execution plans and associating it to the cluster, refer to Create an execution plan.