Description of parameters in Hadoop code

The following parameters can be used in Hadoop code:

Property Default Description
fs.oss.accessKeyId None (Optional) The required AccessKey ID used to access OSS.
fs.oss.accessKeySecret None (Optional) The required AccessKey Secret used to access OSS.
fs.oss.securityToken None (Optional) The required STS token used to access OSS.
fs.oss.endpoint None (Optional) The endpoint used to access OSS.
fs.oss.multipart.thread.number 5 The number of threads (concurrency) used by OSS for upload part copy.
fs.oss.copy.simple.max.byte 134217728 The file limit of the internal copy in OSS using common APIs.
fs.oss.multipart.split.max.byte 67108864 The file multipart limit of copying files between buckets in OSS using common APIs.
fs.oss.multipart.split.number 5 The file multipart limit of copying files between buckets in OSS that is using common APIs. By default, the limit is equal to the number of threads used in the copy.
fs.oss.impl com.aliyun.fs.oss.nat.NativeOssFileSystem The implementation class for the native OSS file system.
fs.oss.buffer.dirs /mnt/disk1,/mnt/disk2,… OSS local temporary directory. It uses a cluster data disk by default.
fs.oss.buffer.dirs.exists false Indicates whether the OSS temporary directory exists.
fs.oss.client.connection.timeout 50000 The connection timeout for the OSS client (ms).
fs.oss.client.socket.timeout 50,000 The socket timeout for the OSS client (ms).
fs.oss.client.connection.ttl -1 The connection alive time
fs.oss.connection.max 1024 The maximum connections allowed.
io.compression.codec.snappy.native false Indicates whether to mark Snappy files as standard. By default, Hadoop recognizes Snappy files modified by Hadoop.