Query SNAT entries in a SNAT table.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
Action String Yes

The action to perform. Valid value: 


RegionId String Yes

The region of the NAT gateway.

You can obtain the region ID by calling the DescribeRegions API.

SnatTableId String Yes

The ID of the SNAT table.

PageNumber Integer No

The number of pages to return. The default value is 1.

PageSize Integer No

The number of rows per page. The maximum value is 50 and the default value is 10.

Response parameters

Name Type Description
RequestId String  The ID of the request.
TotalCount String  The number of queried entries.
PageNumber Integer The current page number.
PageSize String The number of entries on the current page.
SnatTableEntries List A list of SNAT entries.
Table 1. SnatTableEntry
Name Type Description
SnatTableId String

The ID of the SNAT table to which the SNAT entries belong.

SnatEntryId String

The ID of the SNAT entry.

SourceVSwitchId String

The ID of the VSwitch that access the Internet through the SNAT function.

SourceCIDR String

The source CIDR block of the SNAT entry.

SnatIp String

The public IP of the SNAT entry.

Status String

The status of the SNAT entry. Valid value:

  • pending: configuring

  • Available: available

  • Modifying: modifying


Request example

Response example
  • XML format

    <? xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ? >
                            <SnatIp>139.xxx.xx. 40</SnatIp>
                            <SnatIp>139.xxx.xx. 40</SnatIp>
  • JSON format

        "PageNumber": 1, 
        "PageSize": 10, 
        "RequestId": "6D7E89B1-1C5B-412B-8585-4908E222EED5", 
        "SnatTableEntries": {
            "SnatTableEntry": [
                    "SnatEntryId": "snat-kmd6nv8fy", 
                    "SnatIp": "139.xxx.xx. 40", 
                    "SnatTableId": "stb-gz3r3odaw", 
                    "SourceCIDR": "", 
                    "SourceVSwitchId": "vsw-yrv0xxxxx", 
                    "Status": "Available"
                    "SnatEntryId": "snat-bs5bezbme", 
                    "SnatIp": "139.xxx.xx. 40", 
                    "SnatTableId": "stb-gz3r3odaw", 
                    "Script Dr": " ", 
                    "SourceVSwitchId": "vsw-3xbxxxxx", 
                    "Status": "Available"